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Join the Conversation My book, A Stance for Nonviolence: Learning Ahimsa Through Yoga’s Warrior Poses can be found at To get there more directly go to:… . This book looks at the Warrior Postures and the practice of ahimsa (nonviolence). Please read and comment of the points I made and questions I ask. I look forward to you response..


All classes are taught at:

The Metta Center

1602 Carolina Street, D 12

Bellingham, WA 98229


Meditative Yoga

Wednesdays  5:30 – 7:00 pm

A practice designed to bring you at ease in the mind while increasing flexibility and strength in the body. A look at the symbolism of the asanas to understand deeper our relationship with them.




Where Do I Stand?

Saturday, October 29; Noon to 3:00 pm
The Metta Center
1602 Carolina Street, D 12
Bellingham, WA 98229
Only $30.00 (Sliding fee)
To register go to:


Relaxation: The Subversive Yoga 

Saturday, November 19, 2016;  Noon to 3:00 pm
The Metta Center
1602 Carolina Street, D 12
Bellingham, WA 98229
Only $30.00 – (Sliding fee)
Call 360-820-1277 
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Space is limited

The Yoga of Ethics

Explore Your Deepest Beliefs Through Yoga

This interactive, participatory, and powerful weekend workshop combines Yoga postures and the study of Yoga ethics, known as yama and niyama. Through exploring the ancient writings of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, we’ll learn to apply these ethics to our hectic 21st Century lives.

What To Expect

Workshop participants learn to:

  • Apply your beliefs to your life through the teachings and practice of Yoga
  • Transform your beliefs into actions
  • Deepen your Yoga experience

Engage your mind while exploring your beliefs. Transform your beliefs into action.

For Yoga Teachers and Yoga Students

The Yoga of Ethics will transform Yoga teachers and students alike, deepening their practice and enriching their lives.

Praise for The Yoga of Ethics

“John is very good at asking thought provoking questions and providing the space for all participants to share their ideas.”
Heather McKendry – Life Coach and Candidate for the Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership; Seattle University

“The Yoga of Ethics provided some sense of ease about the topic. The asanas chosen worked very well with concepts.”
Ann Rogers – Yoga Sutra Teacher and Speech Pathologist; Bellingham, WA

“I mostly enjoyed being inspired through this workshop and think all practitioners will receive depth and further their experience of Yoga. Thank you. It was wonderful for me.”

Michal Retter – Yoga Teacher; Bellingham, WA

“I really loved being part of the group- doing this thinking together, discerning the differences in meaning.”

Meg Delzell – Yoga teacher and Advisor, Whatcom Community College; Bellingham, WA

The Subversive Art of Relaxation

The Subversive Art of Relaxation I 

In our recurring times of war and economic uncertainties our stress levels continue to rise. Americans work longer hours than citizens of any other developed country and as a result, we are more sleep deprived. Relaxation has been reduced to mere crashing after a hard day’s work. It has been relegated to a minor part of our lives. Many of us sleep a troubled sleep only to rise and again walk into a day crammed with hurried work. It seems that authentic relaxation is subversive in this society which places much value of our function in life.

This workshop looks at the most difficult asana, Shavasana. We find relaxation in unlikely postures and learn how to use our sankalpa, our resolve, with relaxation and Yoga Nidra in various forms.

The practice of Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep or Deep Relaxation) takes into deeper parts of ourselves allowing us to truly rest. It is a way to learn more of who we are and experience the meaning and values of our lives. Through Yoga Nidra we engage our bodies, our energies and our minds and learn the blissful art of conscious relaxation. A relaxed person is not only more effective, but happier.

This three hour workshop combines asanas, pranayama, meditation and a Deep Relaxation that will teach you how to relax despite what outside pressures hand you.

The Subversive Art of Relaxation II 

A deepening practice of the first The Subversive Art of Relaxation I learning various forms of Deep Relaxation. We investigate the power of visualization and the work of emotions in our relaxation.

This three hour workshop promises deep conscious rest.


Where Do I Stand?

It took seven or more million years for us to stand on our two feet. Not only did it change our lives it changed the world. Tadasana (Mountain Posture) is a testament to our standing. We explore that posture and others to discover our grounding along with both our strengths and weaknesses we face as humans today.

The practice of standing postures and how it affects the way we act. We take a close look at Warrior Postures I, II, and III, and how it relates to ahimsa (nonviolence). We also look at balancing postures and Tadasana (Mountain Posture) and how it relates to satya (truth). Tadasana is not just a jumping off posture and balancing postures help us later in life. Join us in this workshop which leads us to a newer way to look at standing postures. This is a three hour workshop with rest.