“We are all Japanese.”

The earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan have captured our lives and smallness to make us understand just how connected we are. The devastation wrought by these disasters now have been compounded by the threat of nuclear meltdowns. As of this morning, Tuesday, March 15,  there have been reports of an explosion at a third plant and a fire at a fourth in Japan.

Japan is a First World nation with a strong infrastructure, yet human needs still prevail. Their early warning systems may have curtailed a higher number of casualties but still large numbers were lost. In the north winter is still taking its seasonal toll. Thousands are without electricity, heat and water.

People on the West coast of the United States have been buying Potassium Iodine, believed to block absorption of radioactive iodine by the thyroid, due to worries that the radiation from these plants will drift. The same report stated that we are not in harm’s way.

These emergencies point to a deeper, more human issue; we are all Japanese. These are real lives affecting real families and real friends. At times like this our compassion is needed most; not claims that this was an act of God, not a retreat into political finger pointing. These are dodges. What we need is simple compassion for people who, like us, have needs. The only difference is that now their needs are more pressing.

As great as our accomplishments have been in our history, as magnificent as our achievements in our technologies and ideas, human existence is and will always be frail. This we all share

Moveon.org reports that Doctors without Borders is sending highly trained doctors to hard to reach places in Japan.  http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/ and moveon.org also reports that “the Red Cross operates 92 hospitals in Japan and has deployed 700 medical relief volunteers across the country.” http://www.redcross.org/