Once Again, A New Page Turned

In 1976 I attended Vanderbilt Divinity School. I was lost. I had no idea about my future, but I knew my life at the time did not revolve around the church. My major of religion and philosophy at Birmingham-Southern College seemed at time a waste. Later on, I learned that there is a difference between education and training. Both are good paths to follow, but I received a very good liberal arts education at the college which provided me a joyous life of continued learning and questioning.

 Well, here it is 37 years later and on June 9 of this year I was ordained, after two years study, as an Interfaith Minister at International Seminary of Interfaith Studies. I even spoke for my class at Christ Chapel at Riverside Church in New York City. So what began in 1976 has ended, at least formally, in this my 59th year of life. Once again, a page is turned in my life. We received education about the different traditions and training on events such as how to perform weddings, memorials, rituals, spiritual counseling and the sort.

 Still, the church is not in my orbit, but I now add a new dimension to my Yoga classes. Two weeks ago mark my fifteenth year as a certified Yoga teacher. A ministerial approach has opened an exciting perspective to this mind/body experience. Also I scour the internet and news to explore how we express ourselves spiritually. This aspect of my business is a mission I call “InterSpiritual Dialogues.” More on this adventure as it reveals itself. I want to thank my friends and family for the support through this challenging process. My business partner, Lise Waugh and my students have been most helpful. Thank you.