“It’s a Wonder Tall Trees Aren’t Falling Down” – Neil Young

The trivia questions I asked a few days ago for the June 20, 2017 Tuesday Night Yoga class to honor the Summer Solstice were related to the sun as we explored the Sun Salutations. My internet was down so it could not be answered on Tuesday night, but after yelling at it a few days I managed to get it working,

Question.1. How fast in miles per hour (mph) does the earth spin on it axis? Well the answer is a little over 1000 mph. The Earth’s circumference is about 25,000 miles, so it is close a time zone every hour in our 24 hour day.

Question 2. How fast in mph does the earth revolve around the sun? Well, that would be about 68350.83114611221 mph if my calculations are correct. You can round it up to 68,351 mph.

And finally Question 3. About how long does it take the sun to revolve around the Milky Way? Around 250 millions years! Let us have a reunion the next time around.

Now a bonus answer to a question I did not ask is “How fast is the Milky Way traveling through the Universe?” Well, the answer to that unasked question is 1.3 million miles per hour or 2.1 million km/hr! At least that how fast it feels as you stand in Tadasana (Mountain Pose). Your teacher may ask you the stand still on your two feet, but after a short while you will sway, possibly because Earth is not still. We haven’t even discuss how our breathing or our heart beating affects our stillness.

Until next week. Enjoy your summer.