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A Friend’s and Colleague’s Article

A friend and colleague (yoga teacher and artist) wrote an article about me on her blog. Please read Kit Muehlman’s “The Secret Joy of an Obscure Artist” at this link:

An Exhibition of Works by John Hawkins

On January 2018,  2nd – 31st, I will show 10 Pastel works at The Letter Streets Coffeehouse, 1001 Dupont St. in Bellingham, Washington. A Reception with the artist, that is me, will be held on Saturday, January 27th from 2 to 5 pm. Many of you did not know I was an artist for several […]

“It’s a Wonder Tall Trees Aren’t Falling Down” – Neil Young

The trivia questions I asked a few days ago for the June 20, 2017 Tuesday Night Yoga class to honor the Summer Solstice were related to the sun as we explored the Sun Salutations. My internet was down so it could not be answered on Tuesday night, but after yelling at it a few days I managed to […]

Santosha and Original Sin

“Oh that this too too sullied flesh would melt, Thaw and resolve into a dew.”                                      [Hamlet I ii 129 – 130] Since Shakespeare placed those words in Hamlet’s doleful mouth the view of the flesh has changed, […]


Imagine times when our species slithered on the ground or when we crawled on all fours. What was different? We were close to the earth and more balanced. Falling was not as plentiful and with two sets of legs we could travel faster. Yet, we stood. For what reason is open to debate, but we […]

Out of This Wood Do Not Desire to Go

When I walk the Wood I find stillness. My deep mind activates amongst the giant Doug Firs. I am not alone. I begin to see in each tree, whether evergreen or deciduous, individual shapes and particular styles of bark displayed prominently in the wood. I see moss covering the trunks and then I see bare trunks […]

Once Again, A New Page Turned

In 1976 I attended Vanderbilt Divinity School. I was lost. I had no idea about my future, but I knew my life at the time did not revolve around the church. My major of religion and philosophy at Birmingham-Southern College seemed at time a waste. Later on, I learned that there is a difference between […]

The Spirituality of Atheists

I am reminded of a time in the 1990s when I engineered an interview at a WUGA-FM, a public radio station in Athens, Georgia.  A professor of botany was interviewing a biologist who happen to be an atheist.  The biologist had written a few words of his spirituality but the botany professor asked him to […]