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The Metta Center Newsletter Sept. 2014

The Metta Center (of Yoga & Healing Arts) Grand Re-Opening Thursday, September 25, 2014 6-9 PM   Enjoy beverages, finger foods, the musical Harp stylings of Violet Harris, meet our Yoga teachers and therapists & enter to win a door prize!   RSVPʼs are nice- but not required. We will be here ready for you! […]

Be Fruitful and Multiply ______?

When I was born under 3 billion people walked this earth. Now, almost 59 years later that number has soared to 7 billion plus. The first thing that comes to my mind is: well …I am among the OLDest people living on this planet, 🙂 but more importantly, I notice that the humans are the […]


Welcome to the Blog for Behind the Yoga & The Metta Center! John & Lise are sharing this blog page and will post current events and news for both entities. Please sign up to receive current posts from us (over in the left sidebar)! Click HERE if you would like to find out more about […]


Yogis are called to non-violence. The whole of the ethical precepts in Yoga is predicated on ahimsa.  “Shanti,” a word in Sanskrit which means “peace” is probably related to the Hebrew word “shalom” (shah-LAWM) or the Arabic “salaam” (suh-LAHM.) It is definitely related to the sound “shhhh,” a sound we make when we want to […]

How Tender is My Back?

My back is almost out. This morning I did something foolish. I was sitting and stood up. What was I thinking?! Just because I have over 56 years experience standing up from sitting does not mean I can just do it every time. It is like when you jump out a second story window maybe […]

Kaleidoscope Yoga

Bellingham, Washington, yoga teacher, Logermund “Lo” Nathamundi came up an interesting idea for a community yoga class; Kaleidoscope Yoga. Please watch …

50 People Hold the Fate of Millions

Through periodic hydrogen gas explosions 50 people risk their lives  to crawl through what the New York Times call the  “labyrinths of equipment in utter darkness pierced only by their flashlights.” These brave operators stayed behind to pump seawater on exposed fuel at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station  in Japan. The New York Times […]

“We are all Japanese.”

The earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan have captured our lives and smallness to make us understand just how connected we are. The devastation wrought by these disasters now have been compounded by the threat of nuclear meltdowns. As of this morning, Tuesday, March 15,  there have been reports of an explosion at a third plant […]

Yoga for Everybody…

How briliant this practice is. Even one who has lost her leg can practice and teach Yoga. In fact, Yoga helped Marcha Danzig reconnect with her body. More here:

A Look into One’s Eyes

I do not think I would have survived in war. The timing of my birth was the thin shave that saved me from Vietnam. I feel fortunate for avoiding that war but I am in awe of survivors of that and other wars, who answered the call for whatever reason. All were affected. Even those […]